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valkyria at phmp.se valkyria at phmp.se
Tue Apr 26 00:10:31 CEST 2011

I compute criticality in Valkyria but is uncertain if it is of any use  

What I can see from looking at values generated by my implementation  
is that criticality rarely point out good local moves, but in a vague  
sense all move near critical stones. Valkyria computes criticality for  
all stones, and I can see that is a really good measure to point out  
which stones are actually critical.

But from this it is not so easy to see what to do with it. Maybe using  
criticality as a feature in pattern matching to better distinguish  
between Life and Death and gaining territory would be a good use.


Quoting Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw.cz>:

>   Hi!
>   I just merged a promising-looking change into master. I have
> resurrected a criticality implementation I wrote few months ago.
> The main purpose for this metric is to set ltree goals, but just
> to test things out, I implemented support in UCB1AMAF for including
> this in the RAVE term.
>   After some very basic tuning, it seems now that it should be couple
> tens of elo gain unless the confidence bounds are playing it nasty.
> But I think I'm still far from the optimum values and I'll need the
> resources for other testing soon, so help with fine-tuning is welcome.
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