[Pachi] Criticality

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Wed Apr 27 20:19:49 CEST 2011


On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 12:10:31AM +0200, valkyria at phmp.se wrote:
> I compute criticality in Valkyria but is uncertain if it is of any
> use directly.

  I am certain now:

. 1331  0.523   0.014 19-0.5-1-gnugo10-pm-0e042-_500-dynkomi=none,policy=ucb1amaf:crit_rave=0
. 1313  0.586   0.014 19-0.5-1-gnugo10-pm-0e042-_500-dynkomi=none,policy=ucb1amaf:crit_rave=0.35:crit_min_playouts=128:crit_negative=0:crit_amaf=0
. 1328  0.565   0.014 19-0.5-1-gnugo10-pm-0e042-_500-dynkomi=none,policy=ucb1amaf:crit_rave=0.5:crit_min_playouts=128:crit_negative=0:crit_amaf=0
. 1337  0.611   0.013 19-0.5-1-gnugo10-pm-0e042-_500-dynkomi=none,policy=ucb1amaf:crit_rave=0.5:crit_min_playouts=192:crit_negative=0:crit_amaf=0
. 1291  0.59    0.014 19-0.5-1-gnugo10-pm-0e042-_500-dynkomi=none,policy=ucb1amaf:crit_rave=0.5:crit_min_playouts=96:crit_negative=0:crit_amaf=0
. 1272  0.594   0.014 19-0.5-1-gnugo10-pm-0e042-_500-dynkomi=none,policy=ucb1amaf:crit_rave=0.75:crit_min_playouts=128:crit_negative=0:crit_amaf=0

> What I can see from looking at values generated by my implementation
> is that criticality rarely point out good local moves, but in a
> vague sense all move near critical stones. Valkyria computes
> criticality for all stones, and I can see that is a really good
> measure to point out which stones are actually critical.

  Of course, just blindly going after critical moves is no good. But
just nudging the search that way seems to work well.

> But from this it is not so easy to see what to do with it. Maybe
> using criticality as a feature in pattern matching to better
> distinguish between Life and Death and gaining territory would be a
> good use.

  I have a lot of further plans, but all in all it's still not
completely settled inside my head. :-)

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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