[Pachi] Correct settings for Pachi without a tree search on CGOS

Jacques Basaldúa jacques at dybot.com
Thu Apr 19 01:53:56 CEST 2012

Hi All,


I am working on simulations lately and would like to measure how strong are
Pachi's simulations without the tree search. I see Pachi has a "-e
montecarlo" option that should do the job. I would like to compare Pachi
(and maybe other programs if setting them up is easy) with my own program


The program crashes both in Debian and Windows after some moves (maybe 30) .


I am invoking it with:


pachi -e montecarlo -t =10000 threads=1,max_tree_size=512


I want to play a fixed number of simulations, the same in all programs,
simple threaded to keep things simple. I don't expect much strength. My
Linux systems are using VirtualBox, but that works otherwise well. I have
run tests with Pachi, with tree search, and I never had those problems
before, although Pachi can use a lot of RAM fast.


Please help.


Another question, when Pachi uses the "-e montecarlo " option, what does it
do? Does it play the normal heavy playouts? (unless told otherwise) and does
it explore all legal moves the same number of times and play the one with
the best win rate? (That's the behavior I would like to compare.)




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