[Pachi] Pachi 10.0 soon

Neil Mclean mclean.neil at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 21:09:55 CEST 2012


I've tidied up the gcc_win32_cleanup branch with your suggestions, let
me know if you can use it or not for pachi 10.0

* fa41772db9aea812c518dd5c38789634232a9f41
Add -Wextra flag for gcc. gcc_win32_cleanup

* 0e47e27f6e375f47ec7f5d0f67b49ecb9e90564d
Use of (void) to suppress compiler warnings about unuse...

* c0ece51cf6d53abc047d823df45147a98a3d9b69
GCC: new macro in util.h 'UNUSED' to suppress unused...

* 8066a0db3daba07b67a5933f30e612438fda12a4
Change type of mercymin to 'int' to avoid gcc sign...

* 1e5a3894bbda8dae68bdb11b3bfd81ee23fe3f7b
Win32 gcc compiler warning fix. Added util.h prototype...

>> I've split up the gtp commit that 'moved files around and also changed files'.
>> Smaller commits is the way to go. I'm surprised how nice git is to
>> use, wow, very powerful!

>  Great. :) However, the state that I see in the gtp branch still seems
> to mix code changes and movement? Perhaps you forgot to push out the
> last state of your branch?

Was it the gtp branch in nmclean you looked at? I'm only a beginner at
git so, I'm not too savvy yet. This commit:
* 827a933e88da173979da2fa8bcd54c41cc1fb2bf

I guess i could take the gtp.c and gtp.h file and split it to the
different files, but it would'nt compile... is that what you mean?

It'd be nice if you could include the gogui branch which uses the gtp
branch. The gogui engine parameters are working. it may be too close
to the 10.0 tag though and i guess I may have to rework the code a

I'll make a new .exe for the website once you've tagged it. I'll be
using the linux version :)


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