[Pachi] Devel 10.99

Neil Mclean mclean.neil at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 19:33:59 CEST 2012


Congrats on reaching version 10 of pachi!

I was interested in your roadmap for the next version. I'm also
interested in helping with the regresion test suite, I see that as
crucial to eliminate bugs / help with debugging and generally test
experiments out and see how things work.

I know David 'MFGO' uses a 1500 tsumego collection for non-regression
testing. I was looking around the web for a large collection of
tsumego sgf test files. I may be able to make up a similiar collection
for pachi pretty soon.

Also there are gnugo (which includes the STV semeai suite), fuego and
cgts collections. I think it'd be great if we could use most of those,
they all use the gnugo tst file system. I was looking at the current
system, ie put the tags in the sgf.

Gogui is able to output results in 'pretty' html format, which i think
is great. Keep those as records and quickly seeing if somethings

To me i'd prefer to use the gnugo way, it mybe will make organising a
large collection of tests easier (tests are numbered) and there is an
overview .tst file that is quickly viewed. So quickly see different
comments for tests all in one place. There is potential to expand it
too (can define many tests for one sgf file - if it's a very difficult
tsumego...). only need to implement the loadsgf command (gnugo has a
libsgf.a - can borrow that, should be easy)

I dont know how much time thats been put into the current regression
system, and it seems to be working fine, so it's only an idea.

I'd like to do the gogui debug command stuff, but only if it's really
going to be valuable, rather than fancy graphics. I dont think it's
able to have multiple windows that auto update from an out stream. So
it may only update after a move has been played. need to look into
There is livegfx for the board but dont think thats very 'usefull'.
Need to see debug info as it happens...

The gcc and gtp branches have been rebased onto updated master and
squished, let me know if i can sort them out anymore.


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