[Pachi] Pachi binary for Windows 64 Bit?

Xeratyl Xeratyl at gmx.de
Fri Aug 31 10:45:21 CEST 2012

Hello pachi developer,


first i appreciate that you released pachi as open source program und like
to thank you for all your effort. I am an enthusiastic go player and looking
forward for future releases. 


I have a Windows 7 PC and I tested the win32 binary release (development
Pachi version 9.99 commit ac7d7). Unfortunately it only supports up to 1,5
GB RAM on my computer but I have plenty more available. Every time with
specified RAM higher than 1,5 GB it crashes. Do you think it is possible
that a 64 Bit Version of Pachi for Windows will be released in the near
future? So far the latest Fuego engine supports 3,5 GB RAM in Windows 7 64
Bit. I have played against both programs with 8 threads on 9x9 and I think
fuego is stronger because of the much higher memory support in Windows. 


Kind regards,


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