[Pachi] win32 build performance

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Mon Jan 23 17:27:40 CET 2012


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 12:01:21AM +0800, linfk wrote:
> I tried the win32 branch and it's working. The only change I had to make was using gnu99 compiler option instead of c99. That is because stpcpy seems to be only in gnu extension.

  But CUSTOM_CFLAGS do use -std=gnu99.

> And strangely, now The o0 build runs faster. It now reaches 4000 games/s on my machine(2000 before). The crash also disappeared on o4 build. However, there is no noticable difference between o0 and o4.

  Awesome! :)

  I have merged the win32 branch to master now.

> I'm still not sure if the win32 build has correct behavior. Sometimes I observed "early stop" in the log. What does that mean?

  Nothing to worry about. The search does not continue since it could
not change the chosen move anymore anyway.

> And some logs seems to be broken with half drawn board situation. Is that normal? A test log is attached for you to check.

  Yes, that's normal when using multiple threads, though should not
happen too often; I never really bothered to look into this yet.

> The build can finish a game though. I played with it and I think it is about kgs1k on my machine. I'll try to give it some handicap stones later.

  If it works well, would you be willing to publish your binaries?

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