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Christopher Schmidt chris0033547 at yahoo.de
Tue Jun 5 09:23:46 CEST 2012

Dear all,
I wanted to know, whether it is possible to create a BOINC project for the Pashi Go program? Afterwards one could put the information about the BOINC project into the account information of all Pachi instances on KGS as well as on the main developer's page of Pachi in order to promote the project as much as possible and attract followers and therefore the computational resources of these followers.
What are the main obstacles to running Pachi in a collaborative BOINC project? At least I would certainly contribute the resources of my computer, if such a project existed. I want to see a "mini-supercomputer" instance of pachi on KGS and if my computer was a part of it, it would be great. I'm sure that there are more like-minded people here and on KGS.
(Another idea is that a BOINC project could contribute additional computational resources to pachi instead of being the "core system" for pachi. This means that pachi itself would run on one "core system" or a "cluster of core systems" of the developer, like it does now. And if additional computational resources are available through BOINC, computational tasks ("workunits") could be outsourced to these additional resources.)
This way a powerful BOINC instance of pachi could be running on KGS almost all the time. What do you think?
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