[Pachi] Very wierd pachi in winning half eye situation

김민재 denmark114 at naver.com
Fri Jun 22 19:05:08 CEST 2012

Pachi gets very wierd when it is winning only half eye.

The file that I attatched is a recent pro game sgf file. Choi(w) won a half eye. I let pachi to play more moves after the whole game ended since some dames were unfilled. I saw the GTP shell and the surprizing thing was that even white has already won a half eye with 6.5points komi, the program analyzed white as a losing situation. After some few moves in turn filling dames, white positioned at C2 which is black's eye with no doubt, and eventually resigned itself. I set the komi to 6.5 in the gtp shell myself but the result was same. I did the same test three more times and the result did not change.

Doing nothing, white was supposed to win, but white analyzed itself losing and gave black a free dead stone and resigned. I believe there should be some mistake in the program. I used "Gogui" for testing in Ubuntu OS. I changed nothing in the code before compiling pachi(version 9.99).
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