[Pachi] Small patch to make the Makefile more distrib friendly

Guillaume BINET gbin at gootz.net
Mon Dec 16 09:08:50 CET 2013

I don't think portage is to blame here.

I have global flags and this Makefile suddenly forgets about its
dependencies once a global flag is set. Those 2 concepts (global and local
flags) should work independently.

My 10.0 ebuild is working perfectly and 9999 was working for months before
this regression on head has been introduced for Android.

Wouldn't it better if we make the Makefile portable ?

I don't have a working android env at the moment so may I ask you to
isolate the specific settings for android in the Makefile under a condition

I would gladly test it back on Gentoo and republish a hack-free ebuild that
will have a better chance to go in the main tree.

My goal here is to give an easy access to pachi to as many users as


On Dec 15, 2013 11:37 PM, "Stanisław Halik" <sthalik at misaki.pl> wrote:

> On Sun December 15 2013 23:33:59 you wrote:
> > Hmm... Adding a specific condition for android is possible ?
> It is, but not with the attached patch.
> Also, you can override gentoo's idea of LDFLAGS with:
> LIBS="-lm -lrt -ldl $LIBS" \
> LDFLAGS="-pthread -rdynamic $LDFLAGS" \
> emake || die
> Instead of changing third-party projects because portage has issues. It
> does,
> all the time. :-(
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> xmpp:sthalik at jabster.pl
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