[Pachi] Small patch to make the Makefile more distrib friendly

Stanisław Halik sthalik at misaki.pl
Mon Dec 16 09:26:34 CET 2013

On Mon December 16 2013 00:08:50 Guillaume BINET wrote:
> Wouldn't it better if we make the Makefile portable ?

Sure. It depends on whether pasky agrees to switch to CMake or something else. 
I can do the busywork, but it's of course his final decision whether to merge 
or not. autotools area crufty pain, but it's an option too.

> I don't have a working android env at the moment so may I ask you to
> isolate the specific settings for android in the Makefile under a condition
> ?

Prodding the hardcoded makefile is an option too, but please consider the 
above as well.

How about "SYS_LDFLAGS?=-lfoo -lfoo2 -lfoo3?"? It's a custom var name, and as 
such, build systems shouldn't override it. Mind the question mark before 
equals sign. Then it can be overriden by ANDROID.txt, without any custom 
CFLAGS, easing building on FreeBSD and OSX too, which don't have librt either, 
which is Linux-GNU-libc-specific.

> My goal here is to give an easy access to pachi to as many users as
> possible.

A commendable goal.

xmpp:sthalik at jabster.pl

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