[Pachi] Run Pachi on AWS

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Mon Jun 17 03:20:34 CEST 2013


On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 08:00:23PM -0500, Kevin Zhou wrote:
> Here's my config file for kgsGTP:
> mode=custom
> room=Computer Go
> name=scengine
> password=***
> rules.time=5:00+5x0:15
> reconnect=t
> engine=/home/ubuntu/pachi/pachi -e distributed slave_port=1234
> My cluster has three nodes (c1.xlarge instance), each node. has 8 cores. By
> running kgsGTP + pachi master + 8 pachi slaves on Node1, 8 pachi slaves on
> each of the other nodes, I have 24 slaves running. And my winrate message
> look like this:

  I see, so you are running a separate slave for each thread, not
multi-threaded slaves.

> scengine: In 22714 playouts at 24 threads, black B16 can win with 70.9%
> probability.
> scengine: In 256528 playouts at threads, black F15 can win with 69.8%
> probability.
> usually, the playout numbers are below 100K.
> Is this typical for this configuration?

  I'm sorry, I have no idea how will Pachi behave in this configuration.
It's not clear how long did Pachi take; consider using only byoyomi and
no base time to have a fixed per-move time allocation. Then see what
happens when you use (i) just a single Pachi instance with 8 threads
(no distributed mode), (ii) three 8-threaded slaves, (iii) this
configuration. We will be glad if you report back with your results. :)

> Can I change the max number of simulated games played on all slaves
> (default is 80K?)

  Hmm, I'm not sure what "max number" are you referring to?


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