[Pachi] missed selfatari

Timo Sachsenberg sachsenberg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 17:55:02 CET 2013

Hi Peter,
I had some free time today and wanted to convert some fuego regression
tests to be used for pachi.
The first one I tried already showed some a possible error.
I'm not sure if I converted it correctly (I used sgf2gtp.py) but as I see
it pachi should play the selfatari at b9 to kill the white group and win
the game.

boardsize 9
komi -25.0
play B d9
play B c9
play B a6
play B b6
play B c6
play B d6
play B e6
play B f6
play B g7
play B g8
play B g9
play B g6
play B g5
play B h5
play B h6
play B j6
play W a8
play W b8
play W c8
play W d8
play W e8
play W e9
play W a5
play W b5
play W c5
play W d5
play W e5
play W e4
play W f4
play W g4
play W h4
play W j4
play W c3
play W e2
genmove B
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