[Pachi] helping pachi, similar method than helping stockfish (chess)?

Petr Baudis pasky at ucw.cz
Thu Oct 31 22:41:58 CET 2013


On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 07:04:07PM -0200, Isaac Haïk Dunn wrote:
> There's an open source chess engine that gained over 100 elo in a very few
> months and is now number 2 (almost 1) in the world, stockfish. This success
> is due to a new platform (https://github.com/glinscott/fishtest), totally
> open source that allows anyone to let their computer "tests" 2 different
> versions over thousands of games. After some elo/ratings calculations it is
> easy to know whether the modified engine is stronger than the original one.
> So it is a good way to test a very small change in the code, to know
> whether the change is good or bad.

  Oh, I see - so the point is that tests are not limited to developer's
platform but may be "crowd-sourced" by many users?

  That sounds very awesome!

> Stockfish is becoming more popular every days thanks to this new platform.
> Many people have contributed to its code in the last weeks.
> I see pachi go engine as the stockfish for chess engine. I wish pachi the
> best, and I hope you may consider a similar approach than the one used for
> the chess engine.

  That would be great. The problem is that currently, my Pachi time is
extremely limited and if I have little, I prefer to spend it on coding
new Pachi improvements rather than such infrastructure paths. However,
I'm Cc'ing the Pachi mailing list, maybe someone else would be
interested in making fishtest work with Pachi.


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