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By Petr Baudis suggestion I also send the email to this address.

Andrew P.

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> Hi!
> FueGo is still a weak engine: it loosed all games 1-3 (to Pachi, MoGo4, MoGo3 and even MoGo3 32 bit: see https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/distribution/SPARRING_new.7z?_subject_uid=31326250&w=AABBiwguYdfWH5qi5H8l9v_BcixZmHiF5gKg4mVUyTuFMQ).
> I think, when FueGo developers will able to raise the game level, they will release a new version.
> I recommend to use MoGo (from https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/distribution/Go.7z?_subject_uid=31326250&w=AABpre94B9Pi87VVujb3aqwUHpm0gYebtXe7qKfLVtHP5w) for Pachi tests due to next advantages (additional to strength):
> 1) MoGo is unlicensed at all [how had written by its developers: "There's no license at all. Also, the copyright mentions are wrong (they have not been modified since the very early versions of mogo). MoGoTW and MoGo are original programs developped by us and many other people. When using patterns, there's a part of Mango in it (that's why we never use Mango and MoGo in the same tournament, they share some code). There's no other code than this. If you want to use your version of mogo in tournaments, you have the constraint that it should not be in same time as mogo or mogotw or mango (at least, for tournaments in which two entries with some common source code is forbidden). As mogo's source has been shown/shared/given to many people, maybe there are programs who use parts of it, but I guess people prefer to recode their own version."];
> 2) You can set up a lot of game parameters (see attached file MoGo_parameters), partially explained in mogoLight_4.86 folder from mentioned Go.7z.
> Good luck!
> Andrew P.
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