[Pachi] Regression ?

lemonsqueeze lemonsqueeze at free.fr
Fri Apr 8 23:20:17 CEST 2016

I'm pretty sure about the tests on my side, i couldn't believe the 
outcome at first so i went through everything i could think of and set 
it up again. But it'd be good if someone can replicate just to make sure 
i'm not going crazy =)

All the 19x19 tests in this thread were with 180k sims, 16 threads,
DCNN code not even compiled in (orig Makefile with DCNN=1 commented out) 
so board size shouldn't matter at all. If it's indeed a threading issue 
not sure if 2 threads will be enough to make it happen...

On 04/08/2016 06:37 PM, Petr Baudis wrote:
> Well, to be fair, your DCNN changes are only enabled for 19x19.
> I've started some tests too, my results:
> / 78    0.538   0.056   15--45.5-1-gnugo10-pm-32e02-_500-playout=moggy
> / 96    0.5     0.051   15--45.5-1-gnugo10-pm-febab-_500-playout=moggy
> . 222   0.432   0.033   19--45.5-1-gnugo10-pm-32e02-_600-playout=moggy
> . 208   0.361   0.033   19--45.5-1-gnugo10-pm-febab-_600-playout=moggy
> (single-thread, against gnugo with -45.5 komi; 15x15 with -t _500, 19x19
> with -t _600; these are my standard autoplay settings)
> So nothing really definite came out of that. Someone really well versed
> with statistics could probably think of paired test that'd tell us at
> this point, but that's not me without a few hours pouring over textbooks
> and the internet. :) I'll switch 19x19 to threads=2 as you suggest.
> It's also possible your original results are a statistical fluke, though
> not terribly likely. :-)  (I feel silly asking again - but are you sure
> your binaries couldn't be mixed up with some that use caffe?)

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