[Pachi] Ubuntu package

lemonsqueeze lemonsqueeze at free.fr
Fri Jul 8 23:30:55 CEST 2016


I was thinking it'd be cool to have a ubuntu package for Pachi, would 
make it more accessible for people who are new to Pachi / wouldn't 
normally compile it for themselves. Also didn't realize at first, with 
dcnn support even small laptops can run Pachi at dan strength now, this 
could be potentially interesting for a lot of people i guess.

So the idea was: 3 packages for pachi, pachi-data and caffe so you could 
apt-get install pachi and have Pachi all setup with dcnn, large patterns 
and all in no time.

I had a vague idea packaging caffe was going to be hellish but thought 
it might be worth a shot anyway. Here's what i got so far:

     $ sudo add-apt-repository 'ppa:lemonsqueeze/trusty'
     $ sudo apt-get update
     $ sudo apt-get install pachi-engine

(turns out there's already a 'pachi' package in the trusty repositories
(a "2D platform game featuring Pachi el marciano...") so it's called 
pachi-engine for now.)

There are still issues with the i386 build but amd64 looks good.

I threw the seki branch in there but should work with any.
Also added some debian patches to make defaults nicer for new users
(maybe could have some of them in the main tree too, like auto detecting 
number of threads) and, short of a man page, some brief help.

Let me know what you think,


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