[Pachi] Problem running pachi on kgs

Florian Mock Florian_Mock91 at web.de
Wed Jul 20 11:30:36 CEST 2016

Hello pachi-team,
I tried to connect the pachi bot to via kgsGtp (3.5.20) to kgs. The Bot
is able to join the room and I am able to challenge it. But when I do
start a game against it, I get the warning: BotBotBot (username) hast
left. You can wait for them to return, or close this window... and so on.

And if I make a move and wait, nothing happens...

On the Bot side (in the terminal) i get:

FEIN: Starting game as black against asdfgured
Jul 15, 2016 2:37:53 PM com.gokgs.client.gtp.a l
WARNUNG: Opponent has left game. Will give them 5 minutes to return.
Jul 15, 2016 2:37:53 PM com.gokgs.client.gtp.a b
FEIN: Opponent has returned.
    at com.gokgs.client.gtp.y.a(kgsgtp:22)
    at com.gokgs.client.gtp.z.a(kgsgtp:58)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.aT.a(kgsgtp:107)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.aM.b(kgsgtp:85)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.aa.a(kgsgtp:246)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.c.a(kgsgtp:395)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.c.a(kgsgtp:378)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.c.d(kgsgtp:368)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.ad.a(kgsgtp:164)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.c.a(kgsgtp:158)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.al.a(kgsgtp:48)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.am.a(kgsgtp:431)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.aq.run(kgsgtp:298)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.at.a(kgsgtp:18)
    at org.igoweb.igoweb.client.gtp.au.run(kgsgtp:97)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
Jul 15, 2016 2:37:53 PM com.gokgs.client.gtp.GtpClient e
SCHWERWIEGEND: Fatal internal error

I tried different config-file configurations (even your sample) always
the same problem.
When I try a different engine like gnugo it works fine. So maybe its
just some communication problem between pachi and kgs?!

Hope you have an idea what's causing this failure and write me how I can
fix it or if it is a bug in pachi you can fix it.
Thank you for your effort.

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