[Pachi] Play multiple games per descent ?

lemonsqueeze lemonsqueeze at free.fr
Tue May 17 17:05:24 CEST 2016


Playing with my moggy test suite got me wondering about the difference 
between raw playout speed and in-game speed (about 2200 games/s vs
1600 games/thread/s here)

I guess it's probably unreasonable to expect something similar with the 
additional thread synchro and tree logic, but still it got me wondering: 
since we're going to visit each node many times, would it make sense to 
play more than one game per descent ? I'm playing with this patch in my 
uct_multigames branch, playing 100 games makes it about 10% faster 
(~1800 games/s)
Does this sound like a good idea at all ?

It seems to be losing a lot though, maybe this just breaks uct badly =)


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