[Pachi] Pachi resignation threshold

Yngvi yngvix at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 12:04:12 CEST 2016


I use Pachi as a reference opponent, and I would like to know more
about its settings. First of all, is the Windows .exe file on the
official page good? It crashes a lot for me, e.g. start "pachi -t
=250" -> type "genmove b" -> crash (Assertion failed: !(ti->dim ==
TD_GAMES && ti->len.games < GJ_MINGAMES), file search.c, line 417).

Second, it resigns a lot! Can I turn off the resigning behavior? It
often resigns way too early, e.g. on the first move: start "pachi -t
=10000 policy=ucb1,playout=light,prior=eqex=0,dynkomi=none,pondering=0,pass_all_alive
-seed 1" -> type "boardsize 19" -> type "genmove b" -> resign.

Thank you!

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